Thursday, June 7, 2012

Broken link strategies that you haven’t heard before!

Link building is vital step in the SEO process that serves to generate in bound traffic from reputed, highly-ranked websites, directories, blogs as well as the social network. With the volume of content updated across innumerable web pages each minute, and changes in website structures, it is often very difficult to guarantee that all links across these content pages will lead to the intended landing pages.

Broken or invalid links that lead nowhere offer a great opportunity to capture attention in a more direct way, by simply promoting a link to your website, while pointing out broken links on other web pages, which make take a lot of time and effort on the part of the webmaster to identify and correct regularly.
Your request to replace broken links with those leading to your site may well be entertained since these broken links, when unnoticed may cost a website its SERP ranking in the long run. Here’s how you can creatively capitalize on broken links to strengthen your position on the SERP.

Do Not Limit Yourself to Page Specific Links
Did you know that it is not really important that you find broken or invalid links exactly on the same page from where you want an in-bound link to your site? This is in case you know where exactly you want to position the incoming link. One or two broken links anywhere on a website is reason enough to get in touch with the webmaster with your subtle message indicating the problem and the possible replacement.

Use Secondary Links
Instead of requesting or suggesting a direct link to your website, you could opt to place a link to another page, which is already linked to yours. Just make sure that the replacement link refers to a highly reputed, well ranked site so that the request may not be turned down easily.

Trace all Broken Links to an Invalid URL
Do not settle after a replacing a single broken link when you have a golden opportunity of exploring all other web pages that are linked to the same URL as the broken link. Once you have the URL corresponding to the broken link, it simply means that all other links to same URL too may not be valid and are worth exploring further.

Recreate Content of Damaged Websites
In case you encounter an entire website that is broken, then addressing broken links may not really do the job. You can instead look for one or more pages that have quality inbound links and simply recreate the content of those pages and then go ahead with a request to fix the broken link with a new one to the improved content. The improved content not only serves to rebuild one broken link but is also bound to attract quality links as the original page.

Build Rapport While Building Broken Links
The success of the link building process, broken-links or otherwise mainly depends on how well you communicate with the webmaster and interact with other site-owners, administrators as a part of this process. These interactions can be used to build a healthy working rapport that could be mutually beneficial in unearthing new SEO or blogging opportunities.

Broken link building is a great opportunity to stay in business while also aiding search engines’ attempts to make search results more meaningful.
From : Socialable