Sunday, December 12, 2010

SEO Tips For Beginner Bloggers

SEO is an important part of blogging. You don't just want to be writing content after content and no one there to read it, no one wants that to happen. So, there are some important white hat SEO tips that a beginner blogger must know and follow as well.
If you are completely new to the concept of blogging then you must read this first to open up your mind about blogging concept "What is Blogging? and how can I benefit from Blogging" and also check out "Top 10 important tips for beginner bloggers".

Now you should be ready to go through with SEO tips for blogging:

·         Blogging platform: When you start blogging on platforms like Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad or anyother platform for blogging, your 80-85% of SEO work is already done by these blogs. Blogs themself are search engine friendly and all the search engines love to crawl blogs. So what you have to do is that try to fill that 20% SEO gap as much as possible.
·         Quality content is the key: Provide good quality content in your blog, if the content is good then only your visitors are going to stick to your blog posts to read it, else they will just skip your blog and your bounce rate will go up.
·         Unique content: In order to get a good content make sure you don't copy it from some other website or blog. Copying content will benefit you in no way at all instead it can lead your blog to be penalized by the search engines and the SERP (search engine result page) will go down.
·         Quality keywords and phrases: Add good quality key phrases to optimize your page for SEO, don't just focus on single keyword, describe your page well in about 160 words and choose your keywords wisely. Don't stuff unnecessery key words.
·         Use targeted keywords in Headlines: Use your targeted key phrases as headline tag(H1, H2 etc). This provides more value to your targeted keywords than that of other words.

Off page SEO (search engine optimization)

·         Blog submission: Submit your blog URL to search engines and top directories on web.
·         Get good backlinks: Ask other bloggers to backlink to your blog. Get links from blogs and websites related to your niche. Make sure you are reputed bloggers and websites to link to your blog. If your blog is referred by good and reputed websites then that will help your blog's creadibility in search engines and your content will also gain prefrence.
·         RSS submission: Submit your RSS to RSS directories on web and blogs that take RSS submissions.
·         Keep your blog updated: Don't make your site look static by keeping the content and not updating it. Also it's always good to provide your visitors with updated and new content. By adding new content you are allowing search engines to index more and more pages from your blog.

These are some of the most important SEO tips which you must follow and you should see results in 20-30 days if you do everything correctly and follow the process.
Never use black hat SEO methods to get top rankings in search engines as it can get your domain banned from search engines.

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