Monday, February 28, 2011

Top Ten Adsense Tricks

1. While addition Adsense ads with your web-site or web page, it's very necessary that you should systematize ads such that it should combine as a part of your website page. They shouldn't come out to be ads. Users are negative and sometimes unaware to advertising on sites. They actually search the web searching for content and in order, not ads. Especially Banners - there is a less of .5% response. For those who have an Adsense ad appearing like the straight Banner with various colors. It won't be profitable.

2. Text ads are for all time superior than image ads. Like before, everybody is more receptive to text than images. Somehow it really is measured as a part of the online document and is also more clickable.

3. Avoid using Border ads. The most effective and best trick is always to erase the borders of Adsense ads to make them keeping the exact same color with your web site's background. You may use the color palettes to pick the right colors in Adsense set-up.

4. Avoid use of any other advertisements. Why??? Ha ha... the very first reason is to be legitimate as per Google's Rules and also the second more practical reason is that you don't prefer to distract your visitor's attention and go elseware without clicking your Adsense ads.

5. How to place your Ads? Hmm... that's a very good question. Okay, even if you've got the best Ad, people won't respond when they don't notice it instantly. The best spot to view the ad is the top of your web-page and subsequently aside to your document's text. Visitors will click it more often because it will look like your text or part of the content.

6. Reputable strategies to accumulate traffic. In some cases people use Google Adwords as well as other Pay-per-click search engines. The issue here is to find out very cautiously for the best niche and keywords to make your campaigns profitable. Alternative methods are link popularity procedures like link exchange directories, software as well as mass blog submission techniques. Please don't use link farms and classifieds for that, due to the fact that the search engine's algorithms are really clever and they'll ban your listings.

7. Usually do not depend on one web-site.Why??? O yes! you can also make money with one web-site but make an effort to make as more as possible.

8. Always relevant content is the key to any successful web-site. Articles are among the best tactics to build up huge web-sites which will be crawled by search engine's robots. Please don't forget search engines exist to deliver relevant content in the beginning.

9. Always try to use site maps. Google always prefer site maps first to visit your site and crawl it much sooner that any other submission process. For more information you can visit:

10.Always try to use related ads. It's basically the key elements for Adsense achievement. When the user is not able to get a significant ad in your page, they will not click the ads. Would you? So it's important to make relevant capital for your web page.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Organic SEO Vs PPC

Organic SEO :

In organic search engine optimization, website owner or webmasters spend time and effort to get listed on top in major search engines. But natural optimization is much better than PPC campaign. It costs nothing. Only we spend time, follow the guidelines of search engines, and search some good websites to increase the backlinks of our website. We need also fresh content for our website pages means no duplicate or copied content. Long term market strategy is organic search engine optimization not PPC. Website owner always focus on nature search not PPC.

Advantages of Organic Search Engine Optimization :

1. Not require permanent investment in PPC campaign.
2. Organic search engine optimization delivers result for long time.
3. The traffic comes through organic search engine results is free and we can utilize the money in our other project without investing money in PPC campaign.


It is time saving process and provides immediate results and very useful for the new business. Google and other search engines takes some times to crawl a new website. So it is better to get listed on top in sponsored ads in the search engines like google, yahoo and msn and other popular search engines. It needs good keyword selection to convert visitors into business and attractive content. It is the temporary solution to get traffic on the website. If you have money then you run PPC campaign else not.

We have lots of option to increase traffic and get good position in search engines. We have plenty of free articles directories, blogs. We could use these options to increase the backlinks of our websites. It takes time but only organic seo is the solution not PPC.

Advantages of PPC Campaign :

1. Instant result in business.
2. We can stop our PPC campaign any time.
3. We use any keyword to list our website.
4. We can send visitors to any landing page.
5. Perfect for time limited scheme.
6. It works with not well designed websites or whose ranking is low in search engines.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Social media optimization (SMO)

Social media optimization (SMO) can be defined as implementing changes to optimize a site for generating advertising through social media, online communities and community websites.

Techniques of SMO consist of adding up RSS feeds, social news buttons, blogging, and to incorporate anything that can allow an online community to communicate, such as photos, videos and blogs. The prime focus of Social media optimization (SMO) is on motivating traffic from sources other than search engines, though better search ranking is also an advantage of successful SMO.

Social Media Optimization is all about breaking down the site walls so content can be easily found, circulated and shared by the community. So the site gets visibility without depending strictly on search engines.
Benefits of social media optimization
Social media optimization is the next level in viral marketing where word of mouth is produced through the use of networking in social bookmarking, video and photo sharing websites like, facebook, twitter, digg, delicious, reditt, flicker etc. There is huge traffic on this site; all you need is a proper SMO campaign.

SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION allows you to efficiently spread the word and generate an intense amount of interest for a relatively unknown product or service and position the brand to the customers in their own terms and environment which results in a more genuine marketing message.

There are some other benefits which can be of great help:
  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Help in Lead Generation
  • Event Promotion
  • Reward inbound links
  • Help your content travel
  • Customer Loyalties
  • Help in globalizing your business
  • Single platform for unlike business minds
Top 10 Social network Sites
Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites


Some Useful SEO Tips

Here are some free SEO tips and advices to help you to improve your online business on the internet. Just try this basic seo tips to improve your website ranking in major search engine’s SERPs.

Content is King – create unique and rich content sites. Avoid duplicate content and also don’t use same content on multiple pages, sub-domains or sites with different domain names

Keywords – use the keyword you’re targeting on the page in bold/strong. Should avoid keyword stuffing and use them in a manner that the relevancy of website is maintained.
  • Word tracker Keyword Research Tool
  • Google Keyword Research Tool
Title Tag - add keyword to the front of the title tag so that search engine spiders will know what your page is about. The title tag length should be 70 characters maximum. Do not use the precisely same title tag on every page on your website. Use unique title tag for each page.

Meta Tag Generator

H1 Tag – use H1 tag for page headlines and H2/H3 for subhead lines. Use your most prominent keyword in headline.

Alt tag – use relevant and keyword rich alt tags to describe your images to search engine spiders because they don’t index images.

Anchor Text – use the keyword as anchor text in your internal or external linking which you’re targeting on the page.

W3C Validation – validate your CSS and HTML using a program or an online service to check that the web page that you created is free of errors. Many search engines cannot properly index a site that has serious HTML errors.

W3C Validation Tool

Sitemap.xml – Submit your sitemap in xml format to Google, Yahoo, Bing and

Search Engine submission – after going on all above process your website is ready to submit to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Other most of the search engines are powered by these four search engines.
Directory Submission-submit your site to reputable web directories, open directories and yellow pages. Directory submission is proven to be a superb method for gaining quality one-way incoming back links.

List of Internet Directories

Link building – is the process of gaining inbound links to your website Get link from high PR websites because search engines consider links as votes to your site.

Backlink Checker Tool

Web Analytics – Web analytics is the measurement of the behavior of visitors to a website. There are plenty of web analytics software and services available that are free cost to the users.

Some Useful Links
Hope these SEO TIPS help you to enhance your web presence

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SEO Tips - Robot.txt Definition and Use

Robots.txt: It is a file formed by webmasters is a set of instructions for the search engines robots that index the web pages. This is called The Robots Exclusion Protocol.

It includes User-Agent and Disallow. Here is the meaning of these words as these are very important part of robots.txt file:

User-Agent : It is used for the search engine robots. It gives the permission to a particular or all robots to index the
pages. Here is the syntax :

User-Agent : * ("*" means all robots have permission to crawl all the files/pages)

Disallow : It denies access to robots to directories/files. Here is the syntax:

Disallow: /images/ (it denies access to images directory.)

A simple robots.txt file should be:

User-Agent: *

It means we give permission to all the robots to visit and the directories and files.

It is very easy to create this file. Open notepad editor. Insert these instructions and save it by name robots in text
format. Put it in top-level directory and upload it. Suppose your website name is then your robots file's path should be here

Some Link Building SEO Tips

Here are some SEO tips from somebody that has been working on it for years. Generating back-links to your website is the best way that I know of to boost the number of visitors that your websites get on every day basis. But, which links are most efficient?

Webmasters disagree about that. Personally, I feel that all links are efficient to a certain level. If you only generate links from one social network or website, then you have essentially bet all of your money on one horse.

To continue with the gambling scenario for just a moment, if you go to a race track and you spread your money around, betting on several different horses in the same race, your odds of winning some money are better. Of course, at the track, you will lose money on the horses that don't win.

Unless you pay for back links, there is no way that you can lose. Posting at some of the directories is a waste of time, in my opinion, because they don't allow relevant links within the text or they don't have an author's box at the end of each article.

Of course, time is money, so without further delay, here are a few more link building SEO tips. These are all free options.

- Find related websites and offer to trade space. You allow the website owner to put a link on your site. He allows you to put a link on his.

- Create a daily blog with links to your website. Provide helpful information related to the products that you sell or promote on your sit.

- Write informational articles and post them at EzineArticles, Amazine or Go Articles, three of the top article directories online. Posting is free and each of the ezines allows back-links in the body and in the article box.
The next link building SEO tips have to do with social networks. You should have enough confidence in your products or the ones that you are promoting to encourage your friends and family to buy them.

If you do not have a Facebook and a MySpace page, then you are a little behind the times. Twitter is the latest thing, but for user friendliness and beginners, I would recommend Facebook, first.

The more links that you have leading to your website, the more traffic you will get. You cannot have too many links. If you also have outgoing links, then your site ranks higher in the search engines.

So, those are my SEO link building tips for the day. Wish they help you create more traffic to your site.