Monday, April 30, 2012

Tips for Creating High Quality Sites

There are lots of question arise from the publishers who want to know about the best practices to grow their business with AdSense. As I know there’s no any particular method or practices. But we can only attract people/visitors by providing them high quality content and delivering the best possible user experience on your websites. Here are some basic key ideas for how to design and manage your website content to emphasis the quality of the website.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Top Adsense Earners – 10 Sites That Earn In Millions

How much money can you really earn from Google Adsense? This is one of the common questions faced by bloggers and Internet entrepreneurs who wish to earn money from their website. If you have just started your website, you are probably aware of how difficult it can be to generate significant revenue.

Although Google’s Adsense is one of the most popular ways to make money from your website, its earning potential can seem limited to start with. In Spite of this, with hard work and dedication, it is indeed possible for you too to earn a decent income from Adsense.  There are many success stories of websites that earn millions in revenue every year from Adsense alone. These sites can be a source of inspiration for your efforts.

Adsense Top Earners - Shoemoney Check

Here are ten websites that were started by individual bloggers like you and me and through their dedication and hard work have developed into stable revenue streams that they can rely on.

How to Do Website Analysis Instantly

If anyone gives a task to check SEO status of a site and they will come back in 10 to 15 minutes for the reaction. Is it possible to get SEO status of a site in 15 minutes? I think, Most of the SEO's will probably say No. while I would Say YES.

The SEO's might get the same problem while appearing an interview, interviewers might ask you to analyze a site for 5 mints and requests you to explain all the positive and negative aspects of the site. There is a possibility to check all these factors with the help of few free tools.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Search Engine Optimization in Easy Steps

Are you satisfied with your website?

Do you know that your site is drawing in-sufficient traffic, people are receiving what they came for, and there's really no room for enhancement?

If your response is yes, then you're possibly going to want to stop analysis. For the rest of you, you know that there's always somewhat that could be pinched for improved web site traffic, better customer pleasure, and a advanced search engine ranking. How accurately do you go about doing that? Follow below Steps to a Well-Optimized Site and I think you'll see that these goals are not as supercilious as you might think.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to Check Which Links Can Harm Your Site's Rankings

Matt Cutts' statement in March 2012 that Google would be rolling out an update against “overoptimised” websites, caused great turmoil within the SEO community. A few days later thousands of blogs were removed from Google's index and Matt tweeted confirming that Google had started taking action against blog networks.

Even though thousands of low-quality blogs of low or average authority were manually removed from Google's index, they weren't the only victims. For instance,, a PR7, DA70 domain was also removed, probably due to the very high number of blog roll (site-wide) backlinks.

How to Improve Your Rankings with Semantic Keyword Research

From Google’s Panda, Search Plus Your World and Venice updates, in the last year alone the SEO landscape has changed. And while that means your SEO strategy will change, too, there is one thing that remains the same…keywords.
Keywords remain important to your content and link strategies.
But there is one change coming down the Google pipeline that will change keywords…semantic search technology and the human element.

What is semantic search?

Basically, semantic search is technology that tries to determine what users mean when they type in a certain keyword.
They explore the semantics of those words…or the meaning behind them.
For example, if someone typed in “laptop” do they mean:
  • That they want to buy a laptop?
  • Have one repaired?
  • Upgraded?
  • Are they even talking about a computer, but something entirely different?
In the real world most people don’t search with one keyword…additional keywords give additional clues.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

FeedBurner Socialize Feature Hack to Auto-Publish your RSS Feed to Twitter

Google presented a Socialize feature inside FeedBurner in december 2009 that would permit blog editors to quickly and automatically push updates on to Twitter without using a third service but Google Drops Auto-Publishing to Twitter Feature from FeedBurner.

I like the socialize feature of feedburner but Google has silently dropped Socialize option from FeedBurner dashboard and hence Twitter integration from FeedBurner is no longer available but there is a simple trick by which you can integrate you twitter account with FeedBurner and auto-publish your FeedBurner feeds into your Twitter account.

How to Publish RSS Feeds to Twitter

As the Socialize selection is no longer accessible in FeedBurner, you need to assimilate your twitter account by a URL based hack. Go to your FeedBurner account at and open any of your feed and go the publicize tab.

Now you will the URL into the browser address bar like below

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

13 Reasons Why Social Media Is Worth Your Time

When relating social media traffic to other methods of traffic, such as search engine, the numbers usually are going to look rather bleak. While you’ll expectantly see a spike in number of visitors and page views that will often be attended by higher bounce rates, lower page views per visitor, and a lower average time on the site. With stats like this many blogger curiosity if social media traffic is even worth the time and effort.
Despite the propensity of many social networking visitors to easily quit your website and shift on to the next one, there are still some very effective factors why you should treatment about public networking and why it is value your time and effort.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Main Advantages Of SEO

Dollar for dollar, there is no greater investment than search engine optimization.

In a time when the Internet is the resource for most to find products or services they need, there is no higher financial commitment than SEO for your company. SEO Professionals is aware of the value of SEO and how to make your web page develop your company even while you rest. SEO Experts put the effort to force your website to the top of Google.

Top Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Long-Term Standings

Once a appropriately executed marketing strategy is in place, your results will last a long time, giving you the peace of mind that once you’re up in the rankings, your website is conveying you customer’s day in and day out without having to continue spending advertising dollars.

Beat Your Competition

Optimized websites are the fastest, easiest way to dissolve your competition. Fact: Web users rarely search through pages and pages of search engine listings to find your business. It’s a race to the top of the listings, so who will get your potential clients’ attention first? Be the victor with the help of Web Marketing Pros.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Get Top Rank On Google By Simple SEO In 2 Days

Believe in that, it’s easy to put on a very great position on the search engines in two Days. There could be a wide range of SEO methods around, but here's the one that performs best for me.

Most people that work online must have know about Alexa. Alexa is usually a web-site by which you'll find out the traffic ranks of any site in a snapshot. Basically, this allows you a good measure of simply how much traffic a site is getting. Now, which websites will allow you to get your pages to rank high in Google in two days?

There are numerous article websites online (articlebiz, ezinearticles etc). You can get articles from there, which are ranking, simply by searching for article on Google. You can do it by simply entering your search keywords (articles sites, article submission etc.) in the Google search bar and clicks enter. Have a good look at the search engine results that appear when you enter your keyword or phrase. The articles that came on the front page are vital; probably beating countless other results for that keyword. Now modify these articles to make it unique but avoid changing the keywords, if possible add some more relevant keywords or phrases.

Friday, April 6, 2012

How to Redirect Blogger Blog .in Domain to .com Easily

Recently, Blogger announces a Country Specific URL's redirection for all BlogSpot domains. Instead of the domain extension, your readers will see their country specific domain extensions. The redirection currently implemented on India and so far all domains redirecting to

For example: If you are viewing a blog with address from Australia (AU), then you will be redirected to Similarly, if you are viewing from India it will be redirected to

This redirection is called "country-code Top Level Domain" (ccTLD). It also knows as "302 Redirect" which is a temporary change and not a 301 redirect which is a permanent change of address...

To disable this 302 country specific domain redirection you need to add little code to your blog template to deal with this redirection and stick to Let's follow below steps to disable 302 redirection from blog.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO: What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Whenever you get into a question in a internet SERP's and hit 'enter' you get a record of web outcomes that contain that question phrase. Cu...

What is Social Bookmarking ?

Social search for submitting allows online customers to arrange, store, manage, and look for exciting articles on the web. Furthermore, popular social bookmarking system allows customers to preserve back-links to sites that they want to keep in mind so that they can reveal with others. Whether it’s a useful article or a very funny video, it’s simple to reveal great articles when you know how to properly use social bookmarking websites!

How does Social Bookmarking Work?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Whenever you get into a question in a internet SERP's and hit 'enter' you get a record of web outcomes that contain that question phrase. Customers normally usually check out websites that are at the top of this record as they understand those to be more appropriate to the question. If you have ever considered why some of these websites position better than the others then you must know that it is because of a highly effective web promotion strategy known as Look for Website Search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is a strategy which allows google find and position your site greater than the an incredible number of other websites in reaction to looking question. SEO thus allows you get visitors from google.
This SEO guide protects all the necessary information you need to know about Look for Website Search engine optimization - what is it, how does it work and variations in the position requirements of significant google.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What is M-Commerce?

Mobile industry (aka “m-commerce”) represents customers purchasing via wifi mobile components such as mobile mobile phones and PDAs. An m-commerce site is a edition of a business's web site that is designed to fit within the restrictions of a mobile cellphone or PDA. While some m-commerce websites are set up to drive sales, a lot of suppliers implement m-commerce mainly as an additional advertising route.

Where is M-Commerce Now?

An article* published in 2007 for Online Store Journal mentioned, “The existence of e-retailers with cellular websites is growing; but just like Online ownership in the mid-‘90s, e-retailers these days are taking small steps toward starting a cellular existence. Currently a lot of m-commerce dealings are restricted to cellular cellphone add-ons like ringtunes, games, picture, and screensavers.” Newest reports performed captured confirm that m-commerce is still pretty small today- with roughly 3.4% – 3.9% of United states cellular customers employing m-commerce.