Friday, August 31, 2012

6 Brilliant Tips for Maintaining Website Traffic

Use my 6 brilliant tips for maintaining traffic. Better still they are free and simple to implement.

  1. Keep the content relevant to your target audience and current visitors. For instance, don't write about your dog if your website is on learning languages.
  2. Develop a tone that is in tune with your audience - Don't bombard your reader with technical language they have no knowledge of.
  3. Don't substitute quantity for quality. Indeed, aim for high quality content above all.
  4. Offer your audience something different. Write about something novel or something that no one else knows. Or take an original or alternative viewpoint on an issue. Or offer an alternative way of doing things, or using your product in a novel way. Especially grasp this if they are relevant to your niche.
  5. Be concise. Don't waffle on unnecessarily or bombard your reader with things of no interest to them. If you have an exciting point to make or an attractive offer, don't cloud it with irrelevant information. Don't have lengthy introductions. Get into the substance straight away. Make your content digestible - Using bullet points are useful for this.
  6. Have a variety of media and content on your website to keep users entertained - Include a crazy or attention-grabbing photo, interviews with renowned, well-known, or respected people

Don't delay implementing these excellent methods. The longer you wait the more traffic you will lose.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Benefits of Hiring Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experts..

For any business in online world, Search engine optimization plays a substantial role in increasing revenues and gain recognized online. Search engine optimization helps to your business visible into major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. if you want to know about Search engine optimization you will find various Search engine optimization methods online.

If you are new in online business industry or you are begin to start company, it’s better to hire Search engine optimization expert to take care of your business online. A Search engine optimization expert will know how to make your website visible and increase traffic to get business.
This short article delivers an overview to how Search engine optimization Experts assists you to get profitable for the online businesses.

Benefits of Hiring SEO Expert

Search engine optimization Experts is play vital role to optimize your online businesses. Here I am shearing the top 5 benefits of hiring Search engine optimization Professional for the marketing an internet-based business.

HIgh PR Bookmarking SIte and Its Effects

Social Bookmarking has the effective way to get instant traffic on your website. It is the best SEO/SMO practice for SEO/SMO since years. High PR websites are always useful to get instant result. It’s better use High PR bookmarking rather than 1000 sites but with no PR or broken links.

Low PR website or broken link website won't help your website's rankings much and there might be a chance negative effect to your site. So it’s better to do social bookmarking with high PR and on good trusted sites than only 10 links will boost your rankings.

Here is a list of high PR social bookmarking sites with their pr.

#1                           pr-8
#2               pr-8
#3                   pr-8
#4                      pr-8
#5                  pr-7
#6                pr-7
#7                pr-6
#8                            pr-8
#9           pr-8
#10                    pr-8
#11               pr-7
#12           pr-8
#13   pr-7
#14               pr-6
#15       pr-6
#16       pr-7

These are the most effective Social Bookmarking sites , If you follow this social bookmarking sites you will Boost Your website traffic as well as Website Rankings.  Enjoy your Bookmarking.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Google: Further Penguin Update “Jolts” To Come; Panda Is Smoother & Monthly

Fasten your seat belt, if you’ve been spamming Google. The anti-spam “Penguin Update” will have more jolts in the coming months, as Google continues to adjust it. In contrast, updates to the Panda algorithm aimed at low-quality pages are now so minor as not to be noticed, when they roll out monthly.

Speaking yesterday at the SES San Francisco conference, the head of Google’s spam fighting team Matt Cutts talked about how Google is still adjusting the Penguin Update algorithm that’s designed to penalize sites that spam Google.

Technically, Google’s saying that Penguin isn’t a penalty but rather an “adjustment” that simply doesn’t let sites get rewarded for spam as much as in the past. In particular, some linking activities that generated credit in the past seem to have been taken out.

Updatequakes & Aftershocks

Last year, Google rolled out its Panda Update designed to penalize (or adjust) pages that had poor quality content. Each further update produced changes in the search results, creating “winners and losers” that were felt across a wide-range of publishers.

But kind of like an major earthquake, each Panda update was more like an aftershock to the main quake, where the effects were less dramatic. Now Panda’s updated on a roughly monthly basis, Cutts said, and the changes are so subtle that few notice.

Indeed, Google itself hasn’t announced any major changes to get us from Panda 3.0 to Panda 4.0 and beyond. The latest, in late July, we dubbed Panda 3.9. It seems likely we’re going to have Panda 3.91 follow, rather than going to Panda 4.0.

Penguin Is Still Shaking Out

Penguin is different. Cutts said that because the Penguin algorithm is newer, it will face bigger adjustments and thus be more “jolting” for people it hits, until it smooths out over time similar to Panda. He also just added more to his statement yesterday in a comment at Search Engine Roundtable:

I was giving context on the fact that lots of people were asking me when the next Penguin update would happen, as if they expected Penguin updates to happen on a monthly basis and as if Penguin would only involve data refreshes.

If you remember, in the early days of Panda, it took several months for us to iterate on the algorithm, and the Panda impact tended to be somewhat larger (e.g. the April 2011 update incorporated new signals like sites that users block). Later on, the Panda updates had less impact over time as we stabilized the signals/algorithm and Panda moved closer to near-monthly updates.

Likewise, we’re still in the early stages of Penguin where the engineers are incorporating new signals and iterating to improve the algorithm. Because of that, expect that the next few Penguin updates will take longer, incorporate additional signals, and as a result will have more noticeable impact. It’s not the case that people should just expect data refreshes for Penguin quite yet.

So far, Google’s only announced one further change to Penguin, which we dubbed Penguin 1.1. That came last May, about a month after the initial Penguin Update. We made it Penguin 1.1 rather than Penguin 2.0 because, as Google said it impacted less than 0.1% of all search results, it seemed a minor change.

Will the next update be Penguin 1.2 or Penguin 2.0, and will it be soon? Certainly, it feels overdue, and given what Cutts said, it seems likely to be a major revision. Keep in mind, however, that for all the “losers” in any update that will scream, there will be winners — perhaps even some of the sites that lost initially.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Which is Better – SEO or PPC?

Needless to say, the online community is one huge market that a smart business owner must never ignore. Consumers who use the internet increase each year, and being able to tap these people can mean a lot to a business. Of course, there are also challenges to maintaining a business through online means as the competition also gets tougher each time. However, there are various means to maintain a desired status on the Web or to boost performance if your business is still not at par with your expectations.

It is no longer enough to have an existing website. You must employ various methods to make your site accessible to your target audience 24/7. Your site must be visible and must encourage continuous traffic or else it is doomed to fail.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Best Online SEO Tools

Backlink Tracker Pro
Free tool to check your paid / exchanged links. Get alerts when your backlinks have been removed or converted to nofollow links

Similar Page Checker
Search engines are known to penalize websites that contain duplicate / similar content. Your content could be similar to other websites on the Internet, or pages from within your own website could be similar to each other. This tool allows you to determine the percentage of similarity between two pages

Search Engine Spider Simulator
This tool simulates a search engine crawler by displaying the contents of a webpage exactly how a search engine would see it. It also displays the links that a search engine would follow (crawl) when it visits the webpage.